Saturday, January 10, 2015

Moses Kuria Says Fidel Odinga Died From Drug Overdose, Calls Fred Obachi Jinga Hii ,Tells Oburu They are A Cursed Lot

Vitriolic Gatundu South Moses Kuria has suggested in his tweet that Fidel Odinga death may have resulted from drug abuse. The MP tweet read;

If they die from drugs I wont blame others, less so their communities for it.

The MP who was recently accused of removing MP Millie Odhiambo wondered why Fred Machoka was on his case instead of directing his tantrums to Oburu Odinga calling him Jinga Hii. He reminded veteran journalist Fred Machoka that the President had accorded Fidel Odinga a state funeral.

Here are some of the tweets;

His twitter handle is Genesis 17: 14
Genesis 17:14# Bangi ni mbaya! Cocaine ni mbaya! Heroin ni mbaya. All are illegal. Avoid them and if you die do not blame others.

The President gives military choppers et al. It was a state funeral. Your response is fingerpointing and heckling Omamo, Ngilu etc. Cursed lot

@FredOMACHOKA And why don’t you focus on Oburu Odinga? Did I speak in Bondo? I keep my children away from drugs jinga hii

@Kisumuforum I am sorry but Oburu really proved we are far from being one nation. He even indirectly blamed Shiro’s community

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