Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mt Elgon MP John Serut Vows To Have Moi University Student Killed For Accusing Him Of Bias In Issuance of Bursary

A Moi University, Eldoret student is living in fear for his life following death threats from Mt Elgon MP John Serut after he accused him of unfairness in disbursement of CDF funds to students.

According to the 23 year old Martin Ndiwa, he has been receiving calls and text messages at odds hours from the legislator saying that he can easily get his head for only Sh100,000.

His troubles emanated when he posted on Sabaot online page that Serut favors certain areas and leaving out others.

He is quoted telling a local daily:

"I now totally fear for my life since I was threatened by my area Member of Parliament that he will send his men to come and crush me and take my head to his house or he was going to use my fellow colleagues to attack me at night."

On a conversation the student recorded, the MP is heard telling Martin Ndiwa.
"Can you continue posting now if you are man enough. I'll just blast you before the people. And if you think by talking I will give you bursary, there is no bursary."

The MP told Martin Ndiwa that he should consider staying at Moi University till Satan comes or else he will get him.

Although the third year Actuarial Science told a section of the media that he had reported the matter to Kesses police post, OB No. 10/18/09/2014 the threats continue unabated.

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