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Mugo Wa Wairimu Hates Raila Odinga And The Luo Community With A Passion…Read The Open Letter To RAO..

He is fast becoming the face of negative ethnicity in Kenya. The semi-illiterate Jubilee Social Media Cabinet blogger has in the recent past been directing unwarranted ethnic epithets at the Luo community with abandon. Mugo Wa Wairimu to date hasn’t faced any charges from NCIC cementing the belief that his views are endorsed by the powers that be.

His poorly worded open letter to Raila Odinga has received equal condemnation and praise from his critics and followers.

Here is what he had to say;

OPEN LETTER TO RAILA ODINGA; as I join you in your son, Mr Former PM, You started in 1982. Working with others I won't mention here, you incited Junior officers from the Kenya Air Force to stage a bloody coup. This culminated in one of KENYAN darkest moments; The massacre of thousands of innocent Kenyans in a bloody coup that lasted six hours. You've been known to keep the company of a notorious murderous as friends- The likes of MAINA NJENGA And the criminal MRC.

In 2005, you started a dangerous, satanic negative ethnicity campaign mainly aimed at isolating you have made people from the Luo ethnic community and others believe that the problems they gave are caused bm. I will quote here numerous instances in which you have used violence or threats of violence to advance your political career. You've been known to sponsor sponsors violence, hooliganism, gangsterism and bloodshed during the AFC versus Gor matches.

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You were also the chief perpetrator of the post-election violence through your satanic murderous negative ethnicity strategy of 41 against 1, aimed at ethnic mobilization and targeting a specific community it is you who who called for violent mass action after the 2007 elections. Every sane Kenyan who's keen on the history of their country knows that it was You alongside others who swore to make Kenya ungovernable(a call to violence) like Ivory Coast, after the 2007 elections. In your own words, you said; "If Kibaki is declared the winner, Kenya will be another Ivory Coast, blood will fill the Red Sea." You incited your supporters to uproot a railway line that passes through Kibera and that serves several East African countries, bringing Kenya to an economic standstill.

You also incited/organised their supporters to forcibly and violently occupy people's houses – and the goons remain in the houses to date! – belonging to the Kikuyu/GEMA communities in Kibera, Mlango Kubwa, Korogocho, Huruma, Mathare North, Damdora. The murderers, arsonists, rapists, and other criminals, etc demonstrating after the 2007 elections were singing “NO RAILA, NO PEACE ” You're also reliably reported to have celebrated the genocidal massacres inside the KAG Kiambaa Church, in Eldoret, terming it as “useful collateral damage”.

Every Kenyan who cares to remember history knows that it was you who organized goons to primitively attack presidential aspirant Raphael Tuju in Kisumu; you also organized goons to attack mourners during the funeral of Nairobi Mayor George Aladwa’s father in Mudavadi’s backyard, all in the name of proving your popularity and stifling competition within ODM. You also led and organized the hiring of goons in Nakuru to heckle Miguna Miguna through the former Molo MP Njenga Mungai and later organized a primitive attack on the same MIGUNA MIGUNA in Kisumu. In 2012 by-elections you organized violence in a Luo Nyanza targeting KANU and TNA supporters (the goons were led by MP Augustino Neto Oyugi’s brother in Ndhiwa constituency).

You also stand accused of having hired goons to attack Miguna Miguna during the launch of his book in Mombasa. Payouts executed this violence via the MP Hassan Ali Joho. Everyone Knows that you supported the violent Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) whom you referred to as "LIBERATORS" who speak "Lugha ya ukombozi", “the language of Raila”every Kenyan knows that you supported the murderous Mungiki criminals and criminal elements. You went went to Kangema during 2012 by-elections to campaign for a criminal element, John Gathogo Githaiga, fronted by MUNGIKI's Maina Njenga under the Mkenya Solidarity Movement party; It's common Knowledge that the Mungiki criminals campaigned and voted for Raila during the 2007 General Election; In.

In a nutshell, your political career has been characteristerized by Falsehoods, Trickery, Diversionary Tactics, Fraud, Corruption, Cronyism, Nepotism, Vindictiveness, Primitivity, Confusion, Division, Mayhem, Destruction, Hooliganism, Criminality, Gangsterism, Lawlessness, Violence, Anarchy, Negative Ethnicity, Bloodshed, the Smell of Blood, Nihilism.

You seem headed to self-destruction though through your adventures. But like the biblical Samsom, you've decided that Kenya burns and is destroyed as you go down. You've quite in accurately presented yourself as a champion of the poor and called others thieves and land/0-grabbers, but the reality on the ground shows something quite different; Most Kisumu are yet to know your active role in Kisumu Molasses Plant fraud, Triton Oil Scam, Kazi Kwa Vijana(KKV) Rip-Off, Maize Scandal and Other Scandals; They Were Even Involved in the 1982 Coup Attempt When Many Innocent Kenyans Died; Soon We Are Going to Expose These Thieves and Hypocrites; in 2007, you single-handedly triggered, directed and bankrolled the worst ethnic cleansing ever know in Kenya.

You've been know to variously utter dangerous statements, goes, very dangerous statements judging from you stature in the community. In 2007, you sensationally and without providing any shred of evidence claimed that the Nairobi stock exchange is ran with drug( read Narcotics money. At the time of making that statement, you were a senior presidential candidate in a close poll and hence the investors panicked, affecting business at the usually busy NSE. Recently, you're acquired a new hobby in abusing and belittling the person or/and office of the president. In spite of your role in 2998/2009 post-election violence, you went ahead and joined your sycophants, home guards, mercenaries and quickly fabricate evidence against two prominent Kenyans and ensured they charged at the ICC for sins this that you personally committed. During the campaigns, you fanned ethnic hatred by advancing the theory of 41 versus 1.

You demonized the Kikuyu/ gem community by referring to then as NYOKA, ADUI and MADOADOA, effectively sowing seeds of hatred and setting the stage for a bloody post-election violence. You were to later become chief beneficiary of that violence through international mediation that saw you co-opted the government as a co-principal. Others who benefited from the violence include Kaonzo Musyoka, with him you're now co-principals in CORD. From 2005, henceforward, You started inciting you supporters, deliberately and systematically, using you satanic murderous negative ethnicity strategy of 41 (communities) against 1 (community): you talked of historical injustices and advantages; talked of correcting those injustices, once and for all; accused Kibaki and PNU of wanting to rig the General Election, without providing any evidence; You even issued threats of an election boycott; issued threats that he would reject the results; You repeatedly used violent language like calling the Kikuyu/GEMA people NYOKA (snakes) and you supporters SIAFU (ants), adding that the SIAFU would remove the NYOKA from the nest (KENYA).

You called Kibaki BUBU (dumb); called the CDF program TAKATAKA; accused Kibaki of tribalism and favouring his region in developmental matters, again without providing a shred of evidence; accused Kibaki of anointing Kenyatta to succeed him without any evidence, etc. ahead of 2013 elections, you made outrageous allegations and made weird and disparaging remarks against almost all Kenya's independent institutions; IDBC, military, the civil service etc. just two days to elections, you told an African review magazine reporter that there'd be trouble if you lose the poll. Quite predictably, you were laying the ground for rejecting the outcome after sensing defeat. You lost and disputed the result. After 3 weeks of keeping Kenyans in great tension, the Supreme Court upheld uhuru's win.

You did not stop there; Yo never gave the new government time to settle and let I fulfill i's campaign pledges; You called it a government of criminals, predicted it won't last two years. refused to respect the supreme cout and made all manner of accusations against all manner of, You were clearly determined to sow seed of hatred among communities. You said jubilee government is a over meant of two tribes, something that you typically say when you want to trigger tribal hatred. You sponsored fake opinion polls through your friend Angela Ambitho of Infotrack Harris sawing the government was not popular even after getting an overwhelming a mandate from millions of Kenyans. You engineered the Teachers’ Strike Juxtaposed With the Free Laptop Project, the Controversial VAT Bill, the Standoff Between the Senators and MPs, Devolution, As a Springboard.

One wonders you find it difficult to preach national peace, national unity, national healing, national reconciliation, national cohesion, national integration, national growth, national development, national prosperity nor how to improve food security, improve standards of living of Kenyans, reduce and/or alleviate poverty, or even how to revamp the cotton, sugarcane, fishing, etc industries. Even as you do this, your people In Luo Nyanza have been waiting for you direction, They've remained in abject poverty even when you were offered what you called "MKATE NUSU" government.

Luo Nyanza MP'S are the most idle legislators, politicking and inciting people against the government of the day is their own tool of trade. And now after sensing ICC cases are collapsing , you've gone back to the drawing board and started a campaign reminiscent of your negative ethnicity campaign. You desperately want to see kenya burn so that you can be incorporated into a shared government. You whipped emotions in Eastleigh and then TONONOKA with with dangerous consequences; Dozens of KENYAN mostly from Kikuyu and Kalenjins met their death nigh most cruel way; The attacker had clear instructions; To only kill men from the two communities. That's why it's hypocritical of to purport to be sending condolences whose relatives' killing you actively agitated for. You've also said you will lead you supporters to storm state house....

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