Tuesday, January 13, 2015

List Of Kenyan Devil Worshipers Recruiting Young Kenyans Seeking Quick Riches And Fame Exposed…Here Are The Shocking Details…

A list of Kenyans practicing devil worshiping is using social media to recruit gullible young men and women with promises of fame and riches.

This was brought to the fore by the founder of Deadbeat Kenya who exposed the devil worshiper’s identity. Deadbeat Kenya is famed for exposing parents who had neglected their responsibilities.

Jackson Njeru, who one of the devil worshipers listed him as a brother, came out to strongly deny any association with him through the social media. Here is what he wrote on his timeline

Here is the list;
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"Some people had to die for me to be who iam today, Rest in Peace by Wife, i loved you, you gave me beautiful boy. You will forever remain in my heart though. You paved a way for me, after your death i got 8.7M every week, Everytime i think of you on road my stearing becomes hard,,, its also your property...Hail 666"

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