Monday, January 26, 2015

President Wants Alfred Keter Prosecuted, Jubilee Rejoicing And Want Legislator Out Immediately

It is an open secret that President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy Ruto hate this man Keter with a passion and they now have the perfect opportunity to send him to political oblivion. The President has made it clear that the youthful Nandi Hills MP should face the full wrath of the law. Keter has in the past accused the President and his deputy for condoning corruption and sidelining the Kalenjins (See Separate Story..Who is This Alfred Kiptoo Keter Who Threatened And Called Officers M@therf*ck3rs At Gilgil Weighbridge While Drunk?)

The President said on Sunday.

"The Presidency fully supports appropriate legal action. The law will take its course. In appearing to intimidate the public officers, Mr Keter makes a number of claims about other public and State officers at State House Nairobi. These claims are untrue, and amount to nothing more than name-dropping,"

The MP was captured saying.

"Tell me who is the owner of that company... Are they Ugandans subcontracting? In whose interest? We are the ones who legislate. We make laws for this country. No way. Okay, listen. We will reverse the law, but we have to sack the people and we have to reverse the law," Keter shouts. He goes ahead: "It is so mad. Imagine State House Comptroller... that is the President communicating, he is calling, no one is picking. I called no one responds. I am a Member of Parliament. Chairman of security committee in Kenya, Kamama calls, no one picks. We are about 10 Members of Parliament. You are waiting to hear from who? From God? Jesus Christ to call you? Go away.....We are the ones who make the law. When we want to break it we break it when we want. When the President calls, you have to respect. Whether you are... I don't care. State House Comptroller calls then you say you can't release the lorries?"

"The person who runs the contract will lose it. This is the Hon Keter. I fight big wars. I don't fight small wars. You can even call the media and cover here. I will tell them the story. Tell your boss he is stupid. Even tomorrow there will be no job. Is this Kenya or Uganda... Is this France? Go away. I have to see the President himself. Leave here tomorrow. Handcuff me," Keter shouts.

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