Releaved: Sensitive Evidence Of Uhuru Kenyatta Participation In Post Election Violence Released. Download it Here….


More damning revelation of President Uhuru Kenyatta involvement in the Post election violence that claimed thousands of lives has been released by ICC Chief Prosecutor prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.

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The International Criminal Court Judges had ruled that the evidence against Kenyatta should be made public even after Bensouda withdrew the case on grounds that she could not sustain the case.

The defense team of Uhuru Kenyatta argued against the publication of the evidence after OTP said they wanted the public to know the kind of evidence they had.

The Judges ruled in favor of the prosecution saying that Kenyans should not what transpired although they urged Bensouda to redact any evidence that is deemed sensitive before publishing it.

Kenyans now have an opportunity to know what exactly transpired. Download the evidence by clicking here; Participation of Uhuru Kenyatta In Post Elections Violence Evidence Released By ICC Prosecutor

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