Thursday, January 29, 2015

Revealed: Here Are 10 Things About Rev Kathy Kiuna Of JCC who Doesn’t Want Poor People In Her Church

This week has seen Rev Kathy Kiuna come under scathing attack for banishing poor people from her church. Not long ago she made headlines when she advised Eastlands ladies not be married by men from that neighborhood terming them as lazy and only good at touting. Here are some basics about Rev Kathy Kiuna..

Attended Queensway secretarial college for a diploma course. She worked as a secretary before venturing into ministry work.

She co-founded Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) in 1999 with husband Bishop Allan Kiuna. She is the head of “daughters of Zion” ministry. Some Kenyans have gone to label JCC as Just Chasing Cash.

Unconfirmed reports allude that Kathy is a second wife to Allan Kiuna.

Kiuna Daughter is a student in Australia. A man from Eastlands cannot date her
Kathy is blessed with 3 children. Vanessa, Stephanie, Jeremy who are aged 24, 18 and 13 respectively. Vanessa is such a beauty and love the fine things in life.

Rev Kathy Kiuna has authored a number of books including Marriage Works and Transformed woman that you need to be.

TV host
She is a TV host of the show “women without limits” that airs on NTV.

Kathy Kiuna started her music career a few years ago and has four albums out. Songs include ‘Mapambo’, ‘Thank you’, and ‘Arise’.

Once thought to be a boring sport, Kathy Kiuna is hooked to playing golf during her free time and most recently it was noted she was in Pretoria, South Africa engaging in the sport.

She is quite extravagant, living life large, criss crossing the world enjoying various tourist attractions where she shares her experience with face book followers. In the recent past she has been in South Africa, Egypt and most notably in Australia where her daughter is schooling.


She is quite unapologetic to the kind of life she leading. She states she is basking in the blessing of God having gone without a roof over her head to living in a mansion in Runda, mentioning it pays to stay faithful.

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Anonymous said...

wouldn't it have been responsible to investigate before alluding? I don't think it would have cost you much to confirm if she is a second wife or not!

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that she hate poor what l know is she is a woman of God who speak faith to her followers for them to know that God can lift them from down there and make them eat with the kings. wherever you are from eastland or any other corner of the world. Most of her followers are from eastland anyway

Anonymous said...

Do not touch my anointed one says the lord.He know how to judge them leave them alone

Anonymous said...

Rev. Kathy Kiuna is a servant of God.
God has shown Himself great and faithful in her life. There is nothing wrong with sharing her faith and walk with God to encourage other to pursue the purposes of God in their lives and God to bring them to their place of rest.
She is a role model and a manifestation of God's handwork.