Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shocking: President Uhuru Kenyatta Mother, Mama Ngina Badly Insulted By ODM Blogger Causing Uproar Across The Nation…(Very Insulting)

An ODM affiliated blogger badly insulated Mama Kenyatta in what can only be termed as crossing the red line. The blogger who goes by the name Enoch254 insinuated that the first lady was untouchable because the President was a product of her “P@ssy”. This came after she was linked to ivory trade that is threatening to decimate elephants in the country.

His tweet read:

“Mama Ngina the Ivory Poacher says she is untouchable just because her p@ssy gave birth to the President”

This prompted the Deputy President William Ruto to retweet the offending text and ask if that is what Kenyans meant by freedom of expression.

His Tweet Read:

William Samoei Ruto ‏@WilliamRutoh Jan 18
You want Media Freedom but you are being Irresponsible you have yourself to blame

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