Saturday, January 17, 2015

What Does William Ruto And His Lawyers Led By Karim Khan Know About Yebei Death? Did The ICC organize the disappearance/murder of Yebei? (Photos Of Yebei Badly Mutilated Body Circulating On Social Media).

The mystery surrounding Yebei disappearance and death continues to deepen by the day after police said the body belonged to one Yusuf.

The badly mutilated body that the family identified as that of ICC witness Meshack Yebei was found floating in River Yala only for Ruto’s lawyer Karim Kham to ask for a DNA to be carried to confirm that indeed the body was that of Yebei.

Karim Khan insisted Yebei was a defence witness something the family disputed asking why they had not shown interest when they learnt of his death. Then came in human rights activist Wafula who kicked a storm by stating that Yebei was the Prosecution witness. Bensuoda refuted the claims stating that Yebei was struck from their list for trying to bribe witnesses to recant their statements.

Here is a statement from Karim Khan on the murder of Meshack Yebei:

Yebei had his first contact with the Ruto defence team in July 2013 when he allegedly informed them that some witnesses had concocted lies for “financial and other benefits.”

Khan was the one who referred Yebei to the ICCs witness protection programme.

Khan says Yebei had been threatened with abduction by a prosecution witness. Khan had asked the prosecution to investigate this allegation.

Khan had met with Yebei several times and had interviewed him. Yebei wanted to testify in public so as to let Kenyans know “the truth about the case against Ruto.

Source: The Hague Trials Kenya

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