Monday, January 12, 2015

Will Fidel Odinga’s Wife Lwam Getachew Bekele Be Inherited As Per Luo Custom? Raila And Ida Think So….

The death of Fidel Odinga robbed the Odinga’s a son and Lwam Getachew Bekele a loving husband. As per Luo traditions, a widow is inherited by a brother of the deceased or a close family member.

During the burial of Fidel, his father and mother challenged those who had gathered not to let Bekele to go back to her country. The former Prime Minister speaking in dhuluo urged the beautiful Eritrean to stay stating that the family had men who could take care of her.

Ida on her part said that whoever will take Lwam must treat her like a queen and possess the qualities of her late son. Those close to Fidel say that he used to treat his wife like a queen.

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