Friday, February 27, 2015

80 year Old Wife Dumps 82 year old Husband After Receiving Mau Mau Compensation Payout From British Government

A long term marriage ended up badly after an 82 year old man was kicked out their matrimonial home by his wife after she received Sh400,000 as Mau Mau pay out by the British Government.

Thaderinah Wanjiru had on several occasions threatened to end the relationship with Lawrence Kairianja once the compensation was effected.

Some of the children have sided with the mother and supported her actions to show the old man the door. According to Bernard Mwangi, their mother had colluded with his four siblings to force their father from his matrimonial home. The couple have seven children.

Villagers building the old man a house
Villagers teamed up to build the 82 year old man a house as his wife continues to enjoy the compensation.

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A good Samaritan instructed his wife to prepare meals for the old man to ensure that he lives a respectable life. The incident has shocked the villagers but the wife and her children are unperturbed.
Good Samaritan who asked wife to be cooking for the old man
A total of 5,000 elderly Kenyans who were tortured during the Mau Mau uprising in the 1950s were awarded a pay out of £19.9 million in compensation from Britain in a landmark ruling.

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