Ababu Namwamba’s Woes as PAC Chair linked to Raila Succession-Section Of ODM Want Him Out And Fast


Ababu Namwamba is besieged with claims of being corrupt as the chair of PAC. The Budalangi MP is linked with cases of high profile politicians and personalities where he is said to have received millions of shillings in bribes to cover their corrupt tracks. But could all this be related to Raila’s succession?

A section of CORD MPs are believed to be unhappy with the rise of Ababu Namwamba. Apart from being the chairman of the powerful PAC, he is also the SG of cord. The disgruntled MPs think that occupying such powerful position could leverage Ababu as a potential Raila successor.

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Some ODM MPs are seen to be colluding with Jubilee to oust Ababu from the PAC – a move to dilute his rise and kill his quest of becoming Raila’s successor. This plays out as some members of ODM vow to stand by Ababu to fight off the allegations seen as a political strategy rather than a question of his integrity as PAC chairman.
The rise of Ababu pits him against Wetangula in the western political arena. Wetangula, who threw his weight behind Raila in the last election, is seen by a section of the Western politician as the community spokesman and by extension Raila’s successor. With Ababu rising, this could sway Wetangula’s influence on the Western voting block.
Raila has not out-rightly declared that he will not running for the top seat come the next General Election. However, given he does not have an heir to his political seat, many are eyeing the seat should he step down.
Several sources are hinting that Ababu’s woes as PAC chairman are just a power play in the Raila succession race.
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