Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Alfred Keter Allegedly Found Unconscious In A City Hotel After A Night Of Merrymaking With A Prost!tute, cash stolen…(See Details)

Rumors have been swirling in the social media that a youthful URP MP was found unconscious in a city hotel after his drink was spiked with Mchele by a prost!stute who was entertaining him.

According to the blog that carried the story, the MP whose description fitted that of Alfred Keter had hired the services of a well endowed prost!tute from Uganda. The lady then laced the MPs drink with Mchele and proceeded to rob him even after being paid an advance of Sh10,000. Keter was found in the morning by one of his aides and rushed to hospital.

Part of the story from the blog read:

The youthful MP is still single despite his financial muscle and is known to exchange to exchange women like clothes. He is currently rumored to be in an illicit relationship with a nominated MP of Asian origin.

Alfred Keter has not come out to dispute the rumors.

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