Displayed Red Underwear Bearing Cecily Mbarire Name Causes Outrage In Embu….(See Details)


The push and pull in Embu County seems to be far from over with the leadership using legal and sometime primitive methods to drive their point home. Supporters of troubled Embu Governor, Wambora, took to the streets on Valentine’s with a red panty bearing the names if Cecily Mbarire for allegedly being behind the woes bedeviling governor.

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The underwear was supported with two sticks and mounted on a motorcycle for all to see. Women were outraged by the protesters action and have given Wambora one week to apologize. A statement read by the Maendeleo ya Wanawake county chair Mary Kavinda read in part:

“We are in shock and disbelief at the deliberate and calculated sexist attack. The two leaders have not impeached anybody. Male politicians should learn to carry their burdens and stop imagining that women leaders as the softer target.”

She went on to state that if such unwarranted attacks persists on women leaders in the area they will be forced to seek court redress.

Nominated MCA Shunem Ngira was quoted as saying;

“We are saddened by the insult to women. Wambora is yet to condemn the incident. Which woman doesn’t wear underwear?”

Wambora, through his political adviser Joshua Kanake has denied any involvement of the governor in organizing the demonstration.

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