Thursday, February 12, 2015

Distribution Of Condoms For Children Aged Between 10-18 Years Proposed To Prevent HIV/AIDS & Early Pregnancy (See Details & Reactions)

The high rate of HIV/AIDS prevalence and pregnancy among young Kenyans has prompted a Non-Governmental Organization to propose the free distribution of cond@ms to children aged between 10-18 years.

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According to the NGO more young children are engaging in pre-marital s3x exposing themselves to HIV/AIDS and early pregnancy which curtails their learning. Kenyans have reacted differently to the proposal. Statistics released by the Ministry of Health show that 1 out of 5 people aged between 18-24 in Kenya had s3x before the of 15 and 16% of people living with HIV are teenagers.

Do you think that is the best approach?

This is Kenyan’s reactions…

S3x education should be introduced in every school and issuing of c@ndoms as well

@Chebungei n by s3x education i mean the real deal nt s3xual organs @Kuisanmacharia
We can #EndAdolescentAIDS only if parents set the example taught in the counselling centres. Very few parents are role model.

@KuisanMacharia @rasheedmutaha the current generation has lost morals,its difficult to #EndAdolescentAIDS? they learn it earlier

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