Drunk Lilian Muli Had Spent Valentines With Sonko Clubbing Before Near Fatal Accident…(See Details & Photos)


It is now emerging that Citizen TV news presenter Lillian Muli was in the company of Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko having a good time during valentines.

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The TV presenter was involved in a road accident after she reportedly hit a speed bump. According to the blog that first run the story, Lilian Muli was dead drunk and driving at high speed. She veered of the road after hitting a speed bump and landed it a ditch. The presenter was rescued by a male friend and the car towed from the accident scene.

Here are the photos of the TV presenters getting down with Senator Sonko…

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  1. Lilian Muli is now looking at some serious problems. Now she need to listen to every instruction from her lawyer since he knows the law. This way, she can avoid any wrong move which can have a negative impact on her case. My neighbor works in office of a DUI lawyer and often tells me how important is to choose a right lawyer.


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