Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fearless: 'Jicho Pevu' Mohammed Ali Says Killers Of George Muchai’s Are Professionals Who Have Been Killing Clerics In Mombasa…(See Details)

Mohammed ‘Moha’ Ali is arguably the best investigative journalist in Kenya if not Africa and whatever he shares cannot be ignored. The fearless journalist has weighed in on the killing of George Muchai terming it the work of professionals who have been committing extra judicial killings in Mombasa with impunity.

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The journalist went on to state that Kenyan was controlled by the mafia. Here are some of his tweets:

@MohaJichoPevu: "@bonifacemwangi: Other countries have mafia. In Kenya the mafia have a country."

@MohaJichoPevu: Those can't be normal thugs. They are professional killers, well trained. Mombasa dose is now being applied to Nairobians. #kenyasdeathsquad

@MohaJichoPevu: @makaumutua:Kenyans MUST now ACT Go to the streets and demand accountability from the Jubilee regime after MPGeorge Muchai's assassination."

@MohaJichoPevu: They are knocking on everybodys door. U thought it was a joke when we were talking about the extra judicial killings. #kenyasdeathsquad

@MohaJichoPevu: The CID should hunt down these murderers instead of harrassing the likes of

@RobertAlai and other bloggers. Kenya's death Squad.

@MohaJichoPevu: Another murder not far away from Flying Squad HQ,Police HQ n Central police station.Now go out and arrest innocent pple.Show of the uniform

@MohaJichoPevu: Where r the digital spanner boys.They were all over spreading the gospel of command center and how safe we are. longolongo #kenyasdeathsquad

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I now believe choices have consequences. I thought it was just a myth.