Saturday, February 28, 2015

Here's a Kenyan who own's A DRESS WORTH 13.5 MILLION KSHS

Kenya’s Hollywood star and on top of the throne as a great actor Lupita Nyong’o has been on the air waves ever since her role in 12 years a slave saw her walk away with an Oscar even before the likes of Leornado Di Caprio who’s been in the movie game for so many years. She has received commendation from far and wide even from our very own president.

With the fame and awards come’s the money…She has become what most term as ‘fashion Icon’ in Hollywood and every fashion writer from far and wide has been keeping an eye on her cause of her unique and out of this world sense of style.

At the 87th Academy Awards held on Sunday Lupita wore this Calvin Klein dress made up of 6000 pearls and is purely handmade valued at a cost of $150,000 or Kshs 13.5 million.

 This was later STOLEN FROM HER ROOM.
Lupita's 13.5 million dress

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