Monday, February 2, 2015

Gang That Stole Sh30 million Blows The Money One Booze, Women & Expensive Holidays In Mombasa, Naivasha Are Finally Arrested….

Two of a four man gang involved in the theft of Sh30 million in US dollar bills from an NGO worker have been arrested. The suspects waylaid Jane Ndung’u as she was entering ABC Place after withdrawing the money from CFC Bank, Lion Place branch before robbing her.

She reported the robbery at the Muthangari police station. Ndung’u’s car was blocked by a Toyota Noah by two thugs while the other two attacked her and made away with the money. A man hunt was launched and police managed to arrest two suspects Brian Otiende Ayanga and Johnson Muisyo Mbingu.
SUSPECT: Johnson Muisyo Mbingu
The suspects spent most of the loot on a lavish holidays in Mombasa and Naivasha where they flew their girlfriends. They spent Sh20,000 per room on five star hotel and each of them bought a Mercedes Benz 320e series car. They also furnished their houses with expensive furniture and electronics that included 60 inch TV sets on their newly rented four bedroom houses in Buru Buru.

The money according to Ndung’u was for Mechem staff salaries in South Sudan and Somalia.

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