Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Gospel Singer Emmy Kosgei Dumped Linus Kaikai After She Learnt He Had 9 Kids with Different Women, Blogger claims

The NTV expose on the fake certificates dished out by Nairobi Aviation College for as little as Sh3,000 has now been reduced to a war of words between Linus Kaikai and blogger Robert Alai. The blogger accused NTV of biasness in painting the college in bad light and blasted them for employing half baked journalists.

He did not stop there. Alai shared a rather scathing attack on Kaikai revealing why he was dumped by Emmy.

Here is the post as it appears on Kahawatungu, a blog associated with Robert Alai;

The beef between Robert Alai and Linus Kaikai started when sources close to Emmy Kosgey revealed to Alai why she had to dump the then NTV editor. Emmy revealed that she realised who she was going to marry when Linus Kaikai and a team of Nation journalists had an accident in 2012 where Richard Chacha, Freda Karima and Emmanuel Talam were victims.

Thank God all the journalists escaped and healed afterwards.

But while admitted to Nairobi Hospital and then engaged to gospel singer Emmy Kosgey, the songstress realised that Linus Kaikai had 9 children with different children who came with their mothers to visit him in hospital. Some of the women were colleagues of Kaikai at NTV and she wondered how irresponsible and unprofessional Linus Kaikai was.

So Emmy Kosgey, who had previously gone against the word of her preacher father, decided to cancel the engagement and move on with her life. Kaikai did not take it well and started selling stories to gossip writers with the intention of spoiling the engagement of Emmy Kosgey to the Nigerian pastor who she went on to marry.

Exchanges between Kaikai and Emmy were so nasty that at some point it forced a senior politician who was a mutual friend to the two to intervene. Emmy soldiered on and married her current husband.

Linus Kaikai has never forgiven Alai for being privy to such sensitive information. He was one time heard by a team of bloggers and journalists at the US ambassador’s residence complaining how Alai is on his case over private issues. Alai gave Kaikai a cold shoulder during the luncheon hosted by the US envoy.

During Alai’s last appearance on NTV’s press pass, Mark Maasai confessed that he had to go the extra mile to convince Kaikai to allow Alai to appear on the show as the now acting NTV MD hate Alai and believe that he should not be given access to any media platform to air his views. That is Kaikai’s way of handling media objectivity.

So Alai’s beef with Kaikai will go on for sometime and Nairobi Aviation story is just adding fuel to the already burning relationship. Another blog also detailed how Kaikai tried to destroy Emmy Kosgey’s marriage but the article was eventually pulled down.

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