Sunday, February 8, 2015

I would have saved my husband But Policemen Declined, George Muchai Wife says…The Car Used By Killers Was A Mercedes Station Wagon With Uganda Number Plate

George Muchai widow Susan has said that she might have saved her husband or the other occupants in the car if she had been allowed to rush them to hospital. Speaking to NTV, Susan narrated how police appeared on the scene within five minutes of the shooting but by then the masked killers had sped off. She now suspects foul play after police declined her pleas to take the husband and the other occupants to Nairobi hospital.

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The police told her that they had to wait for a medic and it took an ambulance about half an hour to arrive at the scene of the murder. The distraught widow told NTV that they had to wait for even longer for the MP, bodyguards and driver to be brought to Nairobi Hospital. She went on to say that her husband was not feeling very secure and had been assigned two bodyguards as opposed to one.

Fresh information emerging from CCTV recording is that the used was not a Probox but a Mercedes Benz station wagon with Ugandan number plates. The operation took less than three minutes and the murderers took them with a briefcase belonging to MP and two pistol.

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