Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jubilee And CORD MPs United in Removing Ababu out Of the Powerful Parliamentary Accounts Committee for Eating ‘Chicken’ Alone….His Successors Already Lined Up (See Details)

The fate of PAC chairman Ababu Namwamba hangs in the balance after 19 MPs out of 27 appended their signatures to oust him out of the powerful PAC slot. He has been accused of many ills that include grand corruption, running the committee likes his own homestead and allocating himself foreign trips.

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Both Jubilee and Cord MPs are intent on having him out of PAC making his situation very precarious. The chair of PAC must be an opposition MP. The following are the names that have been suggested as possible replacement of the flamboyant Budalangi MP.

Edick Anyanga

Ahmed Abbas

Junet Mohamed

Manson Nyamweya

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