Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jubilee Government Has Set A New ‘Scandal Record’ Within Two Years In Office Compared To The Previous Three Regimes (See List Of Scandals))

The Jubilee government seems to be on a harvesting spree if any of the below mentioned scandals are anything to go by. Here are just some of the scandals that will leave you shell shocked-Via Phil Wesonga..

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EYE-WATERING: The shocking harmonised list of scandals Jubilee Administration has managed to deliver to Kenya in just two years

1. Laptop tendering rejected by court

2. Standard Guage Tendering (shrouded inflated Chinese single sourcing)

3. Irregular Lamu Coal project award (a company that did not even submit a proposal at the RFP stage)

4. GDC 10billion scandal

5. JKIA New Terminal tendering through KAA

6. GDC 60Billion failed oil drill well

7. Chicken gate IEBC scandal kshs 50M

8. Weston Hotel primary school land grab

9. Lamu irregular land allocations revealed by post al shabaab terror attack investigations

10. Karen Land saga involving 40mps

11. 38Billion medical import irregular leasing

12. Parliamentary Accounts Committee

13. Mara Narok 4.5Billion KAPS Revenue collection scandal (Ruto)

14. 15Billion CCTV Single sourced to Safaricom

15. 1.3Billion irregular drug haul ship explosion

16. 22 Dead Sheikhs in Mombasa killed extrajudicially by Kenyan security forces (ref Al Jazeera)

17. Kshs 100million hustlers jet

18. Uhuru Angloleasing kshs 3Billion payout reward

19. The forced digital migration and secret PANG 10% local shareholding muscling into projected $550M revenue in advertising next year

20. Goodyear convicted in the USA for 1.5 Billion and 135Million bribes to senior government officials

21. ......etc

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