Kabete MP George Muchai Killer May Have Been A Kenyan of Somali decent, Witness says


A man who witnessed the heinous murder of George Muchai, his driver and two bodyguards may have been a Somali or Kenyan of Somali decent, a witness said. According to the witness, the killer had curly hair and carried an AK47 although his face was partially masked.

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The man, who has been sleeping at that area for a week now, said that the MPs car stopped and they called a newspaper vendor when the killers pounced. The assassin first shot the driver before killing the other occupants. It is said that the car was trailing them for sometime waiting for the opportune time to attack. Other accounts state that the Probox hit before the killer walked coolly and shot the car occupants. The assassin then took a briefcase belonging to the MP and guns of body guards.

The legislator was heading to his Kamulu home after attending a family meeting at Galileo. His wife and daughter were in a different car.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that police should make sure the killers are apprehended.

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