Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kisii University Accused Of Churning Half Baked Graduates, Offering Unaccredited Courses, Poaching Students From Other Institutions

Students graduating from Kisii University may find it difficult to secure jobs if the allegations leveled against the institution are confirmed. The institution is reportedly bypassing all the set academic standards in its quest to attract more students.

The university was awarded a charter in February 6 2013 to become the 13th public university after being upgraded from a constituent college of Egerton University. The university is reportedly using clandestine means to attract students to the institution like fast tracking acquisition of certificates and poaching students from other universities. This has been credited to the high number of students population in its various campuses.

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Moi University is the latest victim of Kisii University, Eldoret campus machinations where most of their post graduate students have been poached after being promised that they will graduate at a shorter period, reports the weekly Citizen. Moi University is said to be experiencing cash flow as a result of KU under dealing. The institution was reportedly behind the Moi University Law School unrest.

Lecturers of Moi have also been targeted by the KU and are even promised perks for every student they bring to the institution, the weekly alleges. The Commission of University Education (CUE) is now investigating those allegations. The Vice Chancellor John Akama has denied the allegations stating that the university has a good track record in academics and management.

Other allegations leveled against the University include condoning cheating among the students, offering unaccredited courses, using illegal grouping like sungu sungu to quell student unrest and poaching students from other institutions.

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