Saturday, February 28, 2015

Meet Sisilia Wambui Who Was Made To Perform Thre3some By Her 60 Year German Husband, Changed His Diapers Before Being Forcibly Ejected From Their House (See Photos)

She may have married her 60 plus year old German husband to escape the shackles of poverty but the marriage has turned out to be a nightmare. Sisilia Wambui who claims to have been a v!rgin when she met Peter Blanquette then aged only 17 years, claims the husband forced her into enlarging her breasts and butt.

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Sisilia claims the husband forced her to use s3x toys, dirty dance for him in stilettos and perform thr3esome with friends he brought over. The husband rubbished the accusations saying Sisilia is a violent character and he is not about to give the child away.
Here are the photos of Sisilia…

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