Friday, February 20, 2015

Muchai Killers Say They Were Paid To Assassinate The MP, Give Three Inconsistent Statements Complicating Case (Here Are The Statements)

The six suspects in custody over the murder of George Muchai and his aides have given three contradicting statements to detectives who are trying to unravel the motive behind the murders.

A source privy to the investigation said that the suspect gave three inconsistent accounts leading to speculations that they were either coached or intimated. The first statements has it that the suspects were ‘normal criminals’ on a robbing spree and Muchai was like any other victim.

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The second version, that has the backing of some legislators, states that the killers had been paid to kill the legislator. It is believed that this version is being pushed by powerful individuals who don’t see eye to eye with COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli. The final account states that Muchai was the target and his aides were collateral damage.

The nature of the shooting and precision of the lone gunman had all indications of a professional assassin raising fears that Muchai has been killed at the behest of some powerful individuals. Statements from the suspect indicate that it was not a lone gunman who approached Muchai car but three of them.

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