Muchai’s Killers Are Hardcore Criminals Who Have Served Time At Kamiti Maximum Security Prison (See Details)


Three of the six suspects who were arrested in connection with the murder of Muchai are hardcore criminals who have served time at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison on robbery with violence offences.

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Here is the time spent in prison by the vicious carjackers…

Eric Isambwa Muyera alias ‘Chairman’-served three years behind bars. Released in 2013. He pulled the trigger killing the legislator and his four aides. Found hiding under his bed in Uthiru area 87 by detectives from the Flying Squad, Special Crime Prevention Unit and the Nairobi CID.

Steve Astiva Lipopo alias Chokore-released in 2014 after serving five years in the coolers

Raphael Kimani Gachie alias Kim Butcher-released in 2014 after serving five years.

Mustafa Kimani Anyonyi, alias Musto-He has been described as an amateur and has never served time in prison.

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