Nairobi Aviation College Admits Class 4 Dropouts; Selling Certificates Like Hotcakes, Lecturers Are Diploma Holders(See Details)


An expose dubbed CertificateOfDoom on NTV has brought to the fore the blatant rot at the Nairobi Aviation College. With as little as Sh3,000 a student who has never stepped in primary can buy a certificate with ease from the tertiary institution.

Lecturers whose identity were hidden revealed how they awarded marks and dished out certificates to those students who had the money and how they slept with their students in exchange of good marks. They went on to state that they main objective was money and if you have Sh4,800 you are good to go. Most of the lecturers at the institution are diploma holders.

Students are not asked for any documentation upon registration. An undercover student who has never stepped in class was awarded a certificate in Aeronautical Engineering less than two hours. Education CS Kaimenyi admitted that some ministry officials may be colluding with these mediocre colleges.

The owner Peter Manyuru has been playing hide and seek with the press.

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