Monday, February 2, 2015

Nairobi Aviation Students Storm Nation Centre Break Glasses Over The Fake Certificate Expose On NTV…Chanting My Certificate My Choice

Photo: Courtesy
Students of Nairobi Aviation College took to the streets to protest the expose aired on NTV showing how students who had never stepped in the institution were issued with dubious certificates after parting with as little as Sh3,000. The angry students made their way to Nation Centre where hurled stones at the entrance breaking glasses in the process.

The students from the various campuses, who carried stones, placards and twigs, claimed that NTV was on a smear campaign to spoil the institution good name. The NTV Investigates expose carried out by Dennis Okari showed how the institution dished out certificates without following the due process. With as little as Sh3,000 a student who had never stepped in class could easily buy a certificate of his choice.

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