Monday, February 16, 2015

Nyota Ndogo Asks Kenyans If They Want To See Her Nak3d After This Happened…(See Details)

Talented Kenyan songbird Nyota Ndogo is breathing fire after a photo resurfaced on the social media of herself holding a gun.

She posted the photo last year during the My Dress My Choice campaign against the str!pping of women in public for indecent dressing. The singer was surprised that such a photo should reappear online and accusing the person who posted it as seeking fame.

Nyota told Nairobi News;

“I don’t understand why the picture has resurfaced online,” she said.
“Am I the first person to post a picture online while holding a gun? Celebrities have posted worse things online. Did they want me to pose naked for them to keep them talking? I am very angry with these people who just want to use my name to get fame.”

The artist is in Denmark with her Dannish boyfriend Henning Neilsen.

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