Friday, February 20, 2015

Pamela Jelimo Treated Me Like Tissue Paper & Houseboy When She Started Making Millions, Ex Husband Reveals…..

Fame and fortune is what turned a happy marriage upside down and led to the bitter separation of former Olympic champions Pamela Jelimo from her husband Peter Kiprotich Murray.

According to Jelimo ex-husband, their marriage turned complicated when she started making millions from her exploits on the track. New friends, advisers and confidantes came into their lives who did not give a hoot about the couple when they had nothing.

Jelimo become distrustful of her husband instead working with the new acquired friends. Murray speaking to a weekly magazine shared his tribulations of how the ex champion turned into somebody he didn’t know.

“We moved from an almost invisible couple, to this famous and wealthy couple by Kenyan standards. Suddenly, we had too many friends and advisers, most of whom we had not associated with at all before the money and fame. “My wife, one I had lived with in times of poverty and need, could not trust me with anything. I could not understand the woman I had known since our time in high school.,”

The ex narrated how Jelimo went on to acquire property without involving him as any couple would do. The 2008 IAAF 800m champion was planning for their separation all along as she never involved him or used his name on any of the property she bought. He left with nothing from the marriage except for his clothes

Murray lived like a squatter in his own home and she never wanted to have any kids with him. He denies rumors that he was cheating on his ex-wife. The bitter separation nearly cost Murrey his sanity but he has bounced back. The now rejuvenated Murray remarried and even graduated with a criminology and public administration degree.

He has one child and currently works at the Nandi County Government as an enforcement officer.

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