Monday, February 23, 2015

Shameless: MP Hon Waititu Fires Hot Married CDF Chairlady For Denying Him S3x-Very Principled Lady….(See Shocking Details)

MPs have been making news for all the wrong reasons. Juja MP Francis Munyua Waititu is alleged to have fired his CDF chairperson after she reportedly rebuffed his s3xual advances. The legislator went on to bombard Susan Wairimu with messages asking her to change her mind. Susan one her part states that she rather forgo the job than cheat on her husband.

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Here is the exchange of text messages from the two..

Waititu to Susan
Text one
Ulikataa nikule hizo vitu na vile nazimezea mate. Now I am employing another person on your behalf. Hii dunia kila kitu ni nipe nikupe. Ken will give you the other details on how to clear from the office.

Text Two
I can see even you are supporting Kabogo’s brother on that nonsense he posted on Kilimani group. I thought of paying you through CDF because I removed you from PSC throug anger even CDF you will not get. Nowadays it is nipe nikupe my friend. Don’t think Kangethe will take you anywhere try and you will see.

Text Three
” The worst mistake can be if you are used by Kabogo fanatics to spoil my name. All secrets from my office should be left there or else you will regret”

Reply From Susan To Waititu

I like that sir, as you can see I have not replied to your messages since the first one. I would rather be jobless than leave my husband and be a mistress. You own Juja but you don’t own Kenya. The same God who made you as an MP without sleeping with anyone is the same God who will bless me. Do me a favor and leave me alone. Employ the ones who will sleep with you want mimi apana. And on facebook I have the right to comment to whomever I want.

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