Shocking: JCC church Ushers Have To Be S3xy, with flawless skin To Attract & Lure Rich Men (See Details)


The Jubilee Christian Centre (JCC) church has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. A former church member and renowned radio journalist Koome Gitobu has come out with damning allegations on the happenings at JCC.

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According to the journalist, Bishop Allan and Rev Kathy Kiuna have indoctrinated their followers to believe that the more you give to their ministry the higher your chances of entering the kingdom of God. He goes on to state that those who give handsomely have special seats reserved for them. To qualify to be an usher you have to be super s3xy to attract the men folk.

A meeting is held every Wednesday by Kathy Kiuna to train the ushers on how seduce men and make them frequent the church. Allan Kiuna walks around with two bouncers who accompany him everywhere including night clubs where he enjoys his tipple.

Here are the damaging tweets from Gitobu on the JCC church……

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