Monday, February 2, 2015

Walter “Nyambane” Mongare Breaks Up With Linda Muthama, Says She has Had Enough Of Being A Second Wife & Rumors Of Third Women In The Comedians Life

Being a second wife is not as easy as it sounds if Linda Muthama reason of breaking up with comedian Walter Mongare is anything to go by. Linda rose to fame when she participated in the first edition of Tusker Project Fame where she was a finalist. The singer again made headlines when she admitted that she was in a steady relationship with Nyambane.

She painted a picture of a blissful marriage and went as far as saying that she was getting along just fine with Mongare’s first wife. It is now emerging that she has not been happy and had to call off the relationship. The singer admitted that she had lied to True Love magazine that she had been formally married. She went on to say it was hard for her since she would hardly see Nyambane who had to oscillate between his first wife's home and at her place.

Linda, who has a two year baby girl with Nyambane, told the Drum Magazine that she was fed up of being asked about polygamous relationships. The artist said that she has been lonely throughout her marriage saying that one man cannot be able to save two women. Linda went to her mother for advise on how best she could end the relationship. Her mother advised her to handle it in a way that it would not affect their two year old daughter Laika.

Nyambane stopped being her manager and has had a long spell without gigs. Linda says that she believes in marriage and is searching for Mr Right.

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