Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We Have Abandoned Ruto To Fry Alone At The ICC, Mutahi Ngunyi Blames Jubilee & The Kikuyu Community

Kenya renowned political analyst has no kind words for a section of the Kikuyu community leadership who have abandoned Ruto at his hour of need. The DP is facing crimes against humanity charges at the ICC together with former Radio presenter Sang and he faces a long jail term if found guilty.

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Mutahi Ngunyi questions Jubilee sincerity in helping Ruto fight the serious crimes against humanity charges at the Hague based court.

He had this to share on the social media;

Where is Ruto? And what would happen if ICC found him guilty? Have we forsaken a brother in his hour of need? Shame on us!!

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Anonymous said...

What does Mutahi expect? or has he stopped being Kikuyu again!... the last assignment for Ruto was to deliver the Riftvalley vote an assignment which he executed so well.Now that is in the past.The present for him is the case in the land of Mzungu for which he is all alone.Soon when the going gets tough somebody from govt is gonna advise him not to cooperate.That will earn him sanctions and that obviously will make him not to be viewed as a suitable leader for a presidential running met. Nyayos son will then come in to fill the void and the political dynasties will continue.And that is my hypothesis Mr ngunyi. Hey man don't abandon your roots now!.. You are mt.kenya to the core.