Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ailing Ojwang’ Was Thrown Out Of KBC like A Stray Dog After 35 Years Of Dedicated Service To The TV station, Actor Says Amid Sobs

Veteran actor Benson Wanjau, popularly known as Ojwang’, was kicked out of KBC in the most inhuman manner after 40 years of service to the station. The sickly actor, who will be undergoing surgery tomorrow, explained how he was asked to vacate KBC premises even without the courtesy of a notice.

Like other Vitimbi actors, Ojwang wasn’t paid a single cent after being unceremoniously fired. It was Mike Sonko rescue team that came to the aid of the aging actor. The 78 year old actor reportedly suffered depression as a result of the harsh treatment he received from KBC.

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The actor started acting in 1980 for then popular program Darubini on Voice of Kenya. The program was discontinued in 1985 when Vitimbi started airing.
Ojwang is married with two grown up children.

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