Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chilling Details Of Yebei's Death & What His Killers Did To Him Will Leave You Shocked.. (See Details)

The mystery surrounding Yebei’s death, like many such cases in Kenya, will remain unresolved. A lot of questions linger on who wanted him dead and for what reasons. His body was found at Man Eaters in Tsavo East National Park after a long agonizing search by his family.
According to Yebei brothers, Moses Kisorio and Thomas Yebei, their sibling must have been badly tortured before the brutal murder. His private parts were reportedly severed, his right eye gouged using a sharp object akin to a knife and his tongue held tightly.

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ICC had issued Yebei witness protection that included a safe house, with a guard and alarm system. According ti ICC spokesperson Fadi El Abdallah, Yebei was under witness protection programme. He said:

“The ICC registry had afforde Mr Yebei security measures and a safe house in a new residency with a guard in a new residency with a guard and security alarms. However , he appears to have returned to Eldoret prior to his abduction.”
Kenya, according to the Prosecutor office, leads in tampering and disappearance of witnesses.

Before Uhuru Kenyatta case was withdrawn, Fatuo Bensouda, intended to prove that eight mungiki members who had dealt with President Uhuru Kenyatta were eliminate.

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