Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Evans Kidero Hired Goons To Kill Me, Former Ally Of Kidero Claims (See Details)

A man who was given a beating that befits a dog has come out to sensationally claim that it was Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero who had hired goons to give him the punishment. He however did not elaborate why the Nairobi Governor would hire goons to give him the beating.

Benjamin Odhiambo took to the social media to post some of the photos of his badly clobbered face. He had this to say and responses from his social media friends:

Kidero sent his goons to attack me

Sammy Barry Wawawawa iza jo man,soloo,they almost tore your mouth!report them immediately na uchukue p3 form.

Charles Mark Onguko Uliwafanyia nini inciter wewe

Kenneth Benjamin Odhiambo you have been working with Kidero ever since he over as the Nairobi Governor what went wrong. You have won many tenders in Nairobi.....

Ephy Carolyne Nabulungi Well well well the last time i checked you were a darling to one Nairobi Governor boss.What happened this time?Proof?If so Action.

Chela Ayiro Its time we change nairobi leadership hawa watu wakucome tumechoka I will not waste my vote again I have no apologies but I would rather vote jap than these goons wacha Chama ikae feeling pissed off
Audrey Ashley Oduor we honestly do not know wat happened between u n kidero for him to do this as u put it but y wud u put such piks on facebook moreover all of this? can u kindly post on his wall coz im so emotional n disturbed i cant sleep coz of this piks. i wish u quick recovery

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