Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to magnetically attract a raise, women and success

Well... so much for needing witty pick-up lines to meet girls or clever jokes to impress the boss. 

Instead, it’s all about the IMAGE you project to those around you. 
If you don’t care about your dress... that’s exactly what they’re picking up: "this guy doesn’t care about himself. "
Not exactly the ideal label to hold if you’re looking to advance the ranks or improve your social status. 

Men who look like leaders are followed.  
A young man would deliberately jaywalk against a stop light well-dressed in a business suit and tie. 
Then again in a faded, ragged t-shirt. 
Was there a difference in the number of people who followed him? 
You bet. 
Try a whopping 250% increase! 
Why would it matter? 
It’s simple. 
A well-dressed & fitted suit symbolizes authority and credibility. 
A poor fitting outfit says just the opposite. 
Unfortunately many guys want to change their appearance but they go about it all wrong. 
They walk into a store and buy the first nice outfit or suit they see. 
Sometimes that’s even worse than the ragged T-shirt! 
Like you’re mom always said... you ARE different and special ;). 
Your facial structure, body type, skin color and eye color are unique and will determine what clothing is needed to highlight your features. 

When it comes to pulling off a casual look, I know that most guys, if I may say so, have a tendency of not knowing what to put on and pull off a great casual look…If you are an ‘official dress code’ kind of guy you can try out a casual look, once in a while and see how it works out for you…

Just cause your office says you dress in casual clothing doesn't mean that you have to be in baggy clothes all the time, I have written before saying that, this is not the 90’s where dressing in baggy clothes was considered fashion, change up your look and put on fitting clothes, that’s the only way you could establish a fashionable look…

Blazers – there’s no better way to pull off a casual look than with a casual blazer, go into that clothing store and pick out a casual blazer, it’s always safe to have a neutral colored blazer, they match with almost anything in your closet, Go for a  black, brown or navy blue…

Sweaters If you think a blazer is too much then go for a sweater, v neck sweaters are the best, make sure the v cut is enough such that, you can expose your shirt and that the sweater just covers the top of your belt casually and as for the hands, if you are going to accessorize make sure you fold the sweater just a bit to expose your watch 

Shirts if you are in a work environment where you are not required to be in tie, with the above tips about a blazer or sweater, put on a fitting shirt and leave the first button open, If you are not a fan of shirts, try a v necked fitting t-shirt with a blazer…You can always fold up the sleeves of your shirt, just above the wrist…

Pants – If you are going to wear jeans to your work place, make sure they are plain jeans and that the color of the jeans is dark tanned, denim jeans are the best, make sure that they have no holes and are straight and slim fitting … You can also put on khaki pants, I have in the past written that khakis are the best way to pull off a casual look…Again slim fitting ones are the best…

Belt -  I nice office belt is always the best way to go… not so big a buckle but a medium sized one and also plain belts are the best and that the width of the belt area is reasonable and also medium sized…

Shoes – loafers, just go for loafers, official shoes are just for that, official clothes, there are numerous casual loafers out there, go for that neutral color, Black or brown, with or without a heel as long as it’s casual, put it on…

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