Thursday, March 12, 2015

Man In Siaya Who Masqueraded As ‘Barmaid Brenda’ Busted….. This Is What He Did To Men (See Details)

The proverbial forty days for a man, who posed as a barmaid, are over after he was busted by a hawk-eyed patron. According to patrons of the popular joint in Siaya County, barmaid Brenda would charm men before robbing them.

The man identified as Michael Obiero was however not so lucky after one of the clients became suspicious if his manly physique and alerted the rest of the patrons. The 30 year old Brenda had worked in the establishment for two days and even shared a room with two other barmaids at Usenge market.

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Police had to str!p him n@ked to establish his gender. Michael, or Brenda, went on to explain that he was a tr@nsg3nder. Bondo Deputy County Commissioner Akatch has said that the owner of the bar will be summoned to explain how he employed barmaid Brenda.

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