Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mike Sonko Is A Drug Baron Who Will Finish Our Young Men & Turn Kenya Into Columbia, Kidero Claims

Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero sensational claimed that flamboyant Nairobi Senator is a drug baron who is hell bent on forming a parallel government. Speaking at the AIC Milimani church, Kidero said that Nairobi is the centre of drug trafficking and in a veiled reference to Sonko.

He was quoted by a section of the media as saying:

“Nairobi is the centre of drug trafficking. People have been named to be involved in drugs and no action has been taken against them. Where drug cartels fight, they tend to get into positions of authority. This happened in Jamaica, Cuba and even in Colombia. Any services given must be given within the confines and provisions of the law."

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Sonko has made a name for himself as a compassionate leader who uses his resources to help those in needs through the Sonko Rescue Team. He has been doing what the Nairobi County government has failed to deliver to Nairobians. Some of the services offered by Sonko include free ambulance evacuation, fire response and wedding limos. This, coupled with accusations of corruptions leveled against the governor by the senator, has lead to bad blood between the two leaders. According to the same publication, Sonko is in the process of starting repairing dilapidated estate roads.

Sonko responded to the accusations by the Kidero terming the governor of being jealous of his track record. He went on to state that Kidero wants to divert attention from his inability to provide services and bringing the Mumias Sugar to its knees.

"I have never, I'm not and will never be a drug baron. Those peddling that cheap propaganda should produce the evidence or shut up. I can account for all my money. I buy and sell land and I can prove that anywhere,"

"He is jealous that I have been able to help the people of Nairobi better than him. I will not stop helping out people today – in fact, very soon, we will start fixing estate roads so that Nairobians stop suffering."

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