Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Moi & Rutto Team Up To Finish DP William Ruto In Rift Valley Region…. (See Details)

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Senator Gideon Moi and Governor Isaac Rutto are plotting ways of diminishing DP Ruto influence in the populous Rift Valley region. Ruto is the political supremo in Rift valley but has come under sharp criticism for his move to dissolve URP and join the Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP).

The duo are set to meet tomorrow to strategize on the best approach to curtail Ruto unassailable dominance of the region politics. The Baringo Senator will make forays in Bomet to cement their pact starting this Saturday.

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The DP is said to be uneasy with the new merge of the leaders who are hell bent on wrestling his voting bloc from him.

Ruto was not kind with Moi and warned him that he will be crushed for opposing him. Speaking in Kiplombe the DP said in Kalenjin:

"You must accept to be led, even if your father led the country for 24 years. Stop dividing the Kalenjin”.

KANU officials have been invited to attend the meeting scheduled between Moi and Ruto:

“We have been invited for a meeting to take place tomorrow, though the agenda remains secret, what I know for now is that a nationwide agenda will be developed during the meeting,” A Kanu official told a leading daily.

They went on to ask the DP not to panic.

“We are meeting tomorrow to strategies on our way forward. We are currently putting up a nationwide agenda for all Kenyans. Let the Deputy President not panic for now, we still support the Jubilee government, but, at the same time, he should know that we have expressed interest in the leadership of this country,” Salat was quoted saying

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