Over 150 Strathmore Students & Staff Nearly Die As A Result Of Poisoning…Students Admitted At HDU


What was supposed to be a night of merry for Strathmore University students and staff turned into a tragic event after 150 students were hospitalized as a result of food poisoning.

The university had hosted a seniors dinner for fourth year students last Friday 20th March. A memo sent by Betty Ngala read:

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“This is to let you know of the regrettable incident of food poisoning that occurred last Friday 20th March, to our 4th year students, and staff members who attended the Seniors Dinner,”

“The University is fully aware of this matter, and has taken charge to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.”

Reliable sources say that some of the students are admitted in high dependency units with kidney injuries as a result of severe dehydration.
Some of the parents have vowed to take legal actions against the university. One of the parent was quoted saying:

“It (kidney injury) is said to be reversible depending on how fast one gets dehydrated,”
“It is really traumatizing because we don’t know what we are dealing with and the rumours are too many,”

The university outsourced catering services and food samples have already been dispatched to KEMRI for analysis.

A student told a local daily:

“I am so disappointed in the school, they have such high standards educational wise you would think they would have the same standards in their activities! So sad, it’s been two days and I am not well. That catering company must have been at it to kill us prolly (probably), I have never seen food poisoning work so fast!! Anyway we shall recover and graduate.”

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