Revealed: Jubilee To Negotiate With Alshabaab Terrorist Group For Peace Sake, Adan Duale States..


The government has inadvertently admitted that it can no longer guarantee the safety of Kenyans from Al Shabaab and is now seeking to dialogue with the Somali based terrorist group. Adan Duale, who is the Leader of Majority in National Assembly, said that they will send religious leaders and elders to negotiate with Al Shabaab.
The close confidante of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy Ruto, was quoted by BBC as saying in Somali dialect:

“If you want us to send you elders, and religious leaders will do so. If you want is to send you political leaders, we will do so. Just tell us where we should come to meet you but give Kenya a wide berth”

The straight talking MP accused the Somali administration of not showing any efforts of containing Al Shabaab elements. He defended his remarks saying that clan elders know where Al Shabaab members come from. He told a section of the media when he was reached to substantiate his remarks:

“What I said we know there are some elders here from the clans where members of Alshabaab come from and the message to them is that they should leave us (Kenyans) alone.” “It’s also becoming clear that the government of Somali and Sheikh Hassan is not willing to combat militants and thus were are asking the President to seek AU and IGAD mandate for Kenyan forces to operate from Lamu to border one point in Mandera,”

His statements generated a lot of heat making the MP retract his earlier sentiments. He took to the social media to try and damage control his rather unpalatable statement:

“We have never and shall never negotiate with terrorists, bandits, militants and drug dealers”

“What you want to achieve in Somalia is up to you. But leave Kenyans alone from your attacks. Give us a wide berth. Somalis are living in freedom and peace in Kenya and we practice our religion freely. Our children are allowed to dress modestly. We are allowed to build our own mosques and schools.”

The legislator went on to ask Alshabaab to keep of Kenya.

“Don’t bring us your troubles,” “Whatever problem you have in Somalia leave us Kenyans out of it. Keep your hands off Garissa, keep your hands off Wajir and Mandera. Keep your hands of Eastleigh. Keep your hands off our businesses. Keep your hands off our women and children. Don’t cause us to be displaced.

What is however not clear is if the statement that had been issued by Adan Duale was shared by the government.

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