Shame: Churchill Supports Imenti Central MP For Luring & R@ping Married Woman


Popular Churchill Show host and radio co-host Daniel Ndambuki aka Mwalimu Kingang’i has blamed the married woman who was lured to Imenti Central MP, Gideon Mwiti, private office and r@ped for hours on end by the MP.

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The comedian wondered why the former journalist visited the MP office at 10:30 PM.
Churchill took to social to make this unsavory remark that haS tainted his well kept image.
This is what he shared on social media and the reactions from his fans:

@jkinuthia08 @MwalimChurchill Whether it was at midnight or 10am in the monring,the MP should not have assaulted the lady. That is the bottom line

‏@jkinuthia08 @MwalimChurchill People meet in this country to close business deals everyday but no rape or assault happens. Time is not a factor here.

‏@Livelife120 @MwalimChurchill so does that give the mp the right to rape the woman? You forget so easily.

‏@ThatWestNiler @MwalimChurchill You above all people should know better! SHAME ON YOU!
‏@CollinsThairu @MwalimChurchill you gat the mindset of that faggot rapist! Wish it was your wife or sister on that ordeal! You should be crying little man!

@MwalimChurchill What is wrong with a married woman meeting a male MP at 1030hrs alone? Was a crime committed? I say no to #sexism

@anne_atsenga @MwalimChurchill for real? Just lost all the respect I had for you. Such a shame

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