Monday, March 2, 2015

Sirisia MP Accused Of Snatching Sarika Patel & Making Her Pregnant, Claims Ex-Husband Khamala (See Details)

When news broke out that the fairy tale marriage between Sarika Patel and her Bukusu sweetheart had come to a screeching end many Kenyans were disappointed. It was the classic fairy tale story of a wealthy girl going against the grain of her cultural norms and marrying a poor lad. She was treated like a pariah by her relatives butshe stood firm thanks to the overwhelming support the couple received from Kenyans. Then came the Sirisia MP John Waluke.

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It is now claimed that Khamala was tipped about his Asian wife not so holy activities with the MP from Bungoma county by an informer. This is the very same MP who came to his aid during the turbulent days of the couple short-lived marriage. The conniving Sirisia MP is said to have seized the moment and was able to obtain Sarika mobile number in the pretext of assisting her.

The MP then started a steamy relationship with the then 24 year Asian lady. It is alleged that Sarika would lie that she had gone to visit her parents only to head to the MPs place. The Bukusu man could not bear the shame and decided to call it quits. Khamala is even questioning if the pregnancy is his saying that the father might be the MP.

Sarika had made damning claims of brutality, mistreatment and insults against the ex-husband.

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