Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sonko Rescue Team Comes To The Aid Of Paralyzed Woman In Mombasa…..? (See Details)

Nairobi Senator is fast gaining the moniker of a latter day Robin Hood thanks to his philanthropic gestures. Last week he came to the rescue of a 100 year old lady in Embu who had been jailed for 3 months for contempt of court.

Now he has trained his eyes in Mombasa county where he will pay for the treatment of a young woman who is suffering from a skin condition that has paralyzed her body. Mariam Abdallah Kombo, who was diagnosed with fibromatosis at the age of 15, will receive specialized treatment at the Nairobi Hospital. The skin on the back of her head has protruded leading to paralysis.

The young woman who lives with the aunt in Changamwe could not continue with her studies upon completing primary school as a result of the condition. Her parents passed away when she was only three years and has since been living with the aunt.
This is what Sonko had to say:

"I was touched after the pictures went viral on social media ,my team and i with the help of Nairobi Hospital has vowed to help the girl regain her health and continue with her studies"

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