Friday, March 13, 2015

How Tony Gachoka Squandered Sh700million Family Wealth Leading To A Curse From His Mother & Relies On Rich Women For Survival…(See Details)

He is straight talking, courageous and loves his tipple. Appearing on Jeff Koinange Live (JKL), Tony Gachoka blasted Ababu Namwamba for taking bribes and abusing his position as the PAC chairman. Tony went on to say that Ababu was not even a Kenyan having been born in Uganda in 1975.

He then directed salvos to Nairobi senator, Mike Sonko, questioning his source of money that he dishes left, right and centre.

Then Kenyans directed their ire on him via KTN SMS line. This is what they said about the onetime close confidante of Raila Odinga…(Via Kenya-Today)

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I am told he was cursed after he used the family coffee plantation estate to secure a loan in order to start a business which only did well just in the early periods of inception. Even his young sister Ciku Muiruri, I hear was mad at him after the bank came calling and auctioned the family’s land valued at Kshs 700m”

TG’ could usually take time off and fly to South Africa for lunch or even a weekend and carry along beautiful young women with the kind of money that was flowing. Gachoka’s family only came to know of the loan when the bank attached their property for auction for nonpayment on the loan in a saga that resulted to Tony being cursed by the mother. In a desperate bid to make money after the saga, Gachoka started preying on rich and lonely women and where best to find them than inside parliament and classy restaurants in exclusive suburbs. He managed to catch the eye of Mrs Ngilu who was already a widow. Gachoka and Ngilu were caught pants down inside ‘doing it’ in a tinted Pajero in the park yard of Parklands Sports Club.”

The controversial Tony allegedly used the family’s coffee estate plantation title deed to secure a loan of Sh100 million from Trust Bank. Gachoka started his own publication known as Sunday Post that targeted and exposed corrupt Asians. He went on to con the likes of Mukesh, Gohil, Ajay Shah, Hrban Singh and Raju Sangani millions of shillings.

Gachoka found himself in trouble after a court sentenced him for six months for contempt of court and sub judice. His publication folded shortly after the court slapped Sunday Post with a fine of Sh1 million. He failed miserably when he contested for the Juja constituency parliamentary seat after he garnered only 200 votes in the nominations before decamping to Safina party where he only managed to garner 1,000 votes in the 2002 general elections.

His mother reportedly cursed him for the loss of the multi-million coffee estate and rumors that he engaged in hom@s#xu@lity when he was imprisoned at the Kamiti Maximum Prison. He is said to continue with this habit to date. Gachoka is a hustler who was allegedly dumped by his wife after failing to pay schools for their children at the prestigious Brookside school totaling Sh3.5 million.

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