Monday, March 2, 2015

Twelve Al Shabaab Fighters Dispatched To Kenya To Blow Up Parliament

The country security apparatus are on high alert after intelligence shared by Egyptian authorities indicated that Al Shabaab was planning to blow up Parliament. According to intelligence reports, already six members of the dreaded terror group are in Nairobi although details of the remaining six is scanty.

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Egypt authorities had requested Kenyan government to buffer security of the embassy, staff, Egyptian installation and other key installations.

The letter dated February 20 read in part:

“The Embassy kindly requests the relevant Kenyan authorities to take what it deems appropriate to upgrade and tighten security measures around Egyptian installations in Kenya.”

The attack on parliament building, which is said to have been planned by Mohammed Mohamud alias Dulyadeen alias Gamadheere, is likely to be carried out by a vehicle packed with explosive materials.

Parliament is said to be in panic mode and are in the process of purchasing sophisticated security system to deter the terror threats. Security agents have also been put through counter terrorism training in Israel and South Africa on VIP protection and security management.

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